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About company

We produce corporate software for companies of any size

Optimization of business processes

Trood Automation and Optimization Platform, on which our clients' corporate systems , industry solutions, and partner products operate.
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Trood platform is the base for solution implementation for various economy sectors, such as retail, oil and gas industry, law firms and departments, task management in medium and small business, and many others.
In 2018, the Trood Community Platform partner network was created and developed.
TCP partner network allows clients and integrators to find each other and solve their business problems, and allows our partners to distribute and share successful experience and existing business solutions.

Trood Community Platform (TCP)

The TCP network includes clients, developers, business owners, system integrators and strategic partners of the Trood platform.
Our tight-knit team of developers and managers in the Trood Company is committed to creating new-level software that is designed to eliminate or neutralize artificial barriers between developers and business.