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Trood Business management™ is a system of ready-to-launch modules automating the most important areas of business. Modules are easily combined with each other and configured directly in the user interface. Combination with Enterprise Manager System (EMS) allows clients to apply end-to-end processes to modules without the need for the system development by developers.

The first ever enterprise-level solution that allows a client to actually manage his/her system.

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This module allows you to track all relationships with customers of your products or services at every stage of sales funnel.

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This is one of the most important tools for analyzing the activities of the enterprise and making timely and reliable management decisions.

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This solution is best suited for companies with project based operations - from small teams to large corporations.

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Smart HR

This module significantly expands capabilities of human resources management with a transparent environment for employee interaction.

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Intelligent Warehouse

This is a modern warehouse management system (WMS), which provides comprehensive warehouse automation - from address storage to acceptance and shipment of goods.

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This module is used to collect and process company requests. Well suited for organizing internal logistics or technical support.

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Finance Management

This solution is used to automate management accounting, budgeting functions, and daily financial transactions.

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Content Service

This module allows you to implement fully electronic document management in companies automating document control and record keeping functions.

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Supply Chain

This module is often used by logistics companies that are engaged in the physical shipment of goods to customers.

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Business process management

This is one of the important solutions, which is a constructor that allows you to collect, customize, automate, and implement business processes in a company.

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