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Project Manager

Trood is an automation engine for businesses and startups.

In addition to our business automation clients, by now 5 partner startups with a total capitalization of more than $10M have used Trood.

We have been working on corporate automation projects since 2010th, and specifically on the Trood platform since 2014th. Now we have raised our first investments, and are currently preparing our platform and boxed business solutions for international expansion.

We started building a community of developers, integrators, startups and consultants around the Trood ecosystem.

We are looking for a Partner, who will dive into our specifics, and help us convey our ideas and principles to customers, engineers and partners, growing our community in the US, Russia, and everywhere. We truly believe our efforts can change the way how people implement and use business software and fulfil tech product ideas.


Despite your level and experience, we have damn lots of work to be done. The ability and willingness to learn, execute, and collaborate is crucial.

What else do we need for sure:

  • Expert knowledge of main project management methodologies
  • Familiarity with modeling tools, software development concepts, and software implementation methodologies
  • English B1/B2
  • Sociability, teamwork, distributed team management skills
  • High professional motivation and ambition

Nice to have:

  • Strong math or engineering background
  • The strong background on financings
  • Experience with business intelligence and data analysis projects

Scope of application.

  • Customer’s business processes and requirements analysis
  • Project budgeting and monitoring
  • Designing product requirements, monitoring requirements fulfillment during project implementation
  • Interaction with developers, project team management
  • Project state control, risk analysis, timely response to project-related events
  • Business documentation design
  • Design of business data models and data processing schemes
  • Interaction with customers and external tech teams
  • Participation in the project and product strategy formation
  • Project reporting and communication with stakeholders

Terms and conditions.

Initially, we offer to start working on per-project terms for 2-3 months, and then decide on a full-time relationship.

In any case, what do we need is a job to be professionally done, without much restriction to your schedule and location.

We pay within the market range. We offer a US stock option program for key employees.

Specific conditions are to be individually discussed.

Position interviewing process:

  1. Introductory phone interview with a team member, 15 min
  2. Responding to a short questionnaire, the document will additionally contain the position's typical business tasks, reference links and materials, to familiarise the applicant
  3. 2-part zoom or office interview with the CEO, 45-60 min.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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