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How to kill a business

November 17 at 16:50

Why don't industry solutions suit you? Maybe you are doing something wrong? If this is still uniqueness, then the correct automation of this uniqueness will undoubtedly lead to a positive result.

Main distinctive characteristics of "grown-up" systems:

1. Safety

2. Fault tolerance (including foolproof)

3. Scalability

4. Elaborated details are best practices on the part of IT and on the part of industry specifics

The basic principle used for survival by custom developers is the Pareto principle. Its two most important formulations in the case of automation look like this:

1. 80% of the functionality take 20% of the work, the remaining 20% require, respectively, 80% of the work

2. 20% of the functionality provide 80% of the system efficiency

And important implications of it and other market factors:

1. Developing a full-fledged system is much more expensive than “the same one, only less, but different”

3. In order to survive and be more attractive than major players, private automaton engineers are required to sacrifice something important but imperceptible

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