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Enterprise Manager

With the help of the EMS module, the administrator receives complete information about the system architecture, interaction of its components, and system data transfer. This module can make and track changes in database settings, clusters, and other components.

Enterprise Manager System (EMS)

Interface of administration and management of all the Trood system components.
In addition to standard actions, such as adding/deleting users, EMS exhibits fine tuning of the access policy and changes are made to the business processes of the system.
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Trood Data Entities

This is a technology of extensible business objects processed by the system. Trood clients and partners can independently complement and customize objects using all the advantages of OOP in data design.

Data Entities

Those are entities used to describe the data structure of an enterprise. Additional attributes, methods, events, and processors can be added to entities. What's more, the external display of entities can be customized to ensure maximum convenience and efficiency of automation.
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Complex Event Processing (CEP)

The main task of the CEP module is to process a large flow of events in the system. Moreover, this tool allows for continuous analysis of the flow of events, tracking changes in indicators, identifying hidden links and patterns in the processes.
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Trood Complex Event Processing

Tools for processing tens of thousands of events in real time.

Business intelligence

The purpose of BI technology is to automate the analysis of available information and provide its results to the Company management in the form of easy-to-use reports.


The reporting module processes all available company data and the history of user actions in the system.

Every action in the system automatically creates an event (Business Event). We provide a report designer and algorithms that allow you to customize the processing and presentation of any report forms. The technologies used are able to process tens of thousands of events simultaneously.

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Business processes

Creating and editing business processes in Trood is implemented with the help of Camunda BPM.

Business processes are one of the key components of Trood business logic. They are a chain of actions connected by a specific business logic used to achieve a specific goal.

Any business process can be initialized in the system by an event or rule.

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The Trood system uses a microservice architecture to provide flexibility and scalability. To manage individual services of the system, a single Service Registry is used, which allows you to centrally control all integrated systems and their interaction points.
The overall flexibility of technology and architecture considerably simplifies integration with third-party systems - the Trood architecture allows you to use other accounting and management systems by means of their API.
To interact with other systems, we provide special integration adapters and connectors. Solutions for common systems are available in the Marketplace section.
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Mobile applications

Currently, any IT system developed for use on a computer needs to have a version for mobile devices. The mobile application for the Trood system ensures work with similar data sets, providing convenient analytics and the possibility of optimizing and managing the business process from a mobile phone or a tablet.
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