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Trood Scaling is a single solution designed to help at any and all aspect of your business development
Find structured guidelines for marketing activities including AB testing, targeting and analytics

Tools and guidelines for social media and email marketing
Supported with basic automation and put in one place, so you have everything you need to test your marketing hypotheses, execute the set marketing strategy and keep track of your progress every step of the way.
create investor decks and pitching documents with our customized templates
Get assistance with fundraising
access a pool of investors and VC funds from different tech industries
seize the opportunity to build relationships
ask for advice and mentorship, raise capital for further development
Hr & talent Acqusition
select employees through show-ups - short video presentations
keep track of all your employees' activities and progress
hire on pre-specified conditions with customised draft contracts
hire top-tier talent rated by other Trood Scaling users
Customer Development
gain access to your target audience for product interviews and custdev
develop targeted guidelines and frameworks for interviews and further development customized on your product
create a dashboard with KPIs, OKRs and budget tracking
gain access to a targeted guidelines and pre-designed strategies for all processes
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