Early Community
BambiBloom Gallery
Partner program for Flower Shops and Marketplaces

BambiBloom Gallery is the main project of BambiBloom.
Great artists and great florists create their pieces to combine the magic of the momentary life with the power of the Eternity.
See our Flowers
See the pieces of our Gallery collection we publish at Opensea, on Twitter and Instagram. Contact us to see private offerings.
Obtain your Piece
You get a personalized page for each bouquet, the unique 1/1 NFT, and customized Instagram filter for your customers. We also provide design for a physical card with QR code you will sell at your point. We also help with e-commerce integrations.
  • BambiBloom Garden
    Art pieces tuned to your attitude, 100 editions per license
  • BambiBloom Gallery
    Exclusive collections from featured artists, unlimited usage