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The desire to optimize processes is absolutely natural, but how often does a business manage to find or create a solution specifically for its particular area of tasks? In this article, we consider the case of legal professionals who formed a request and implemented a Trood-powered platform that became a flexible and scalable solution for the entire industry.


Trood Legal is a platform for the comprehensive automation of a practicing lawyer's work, covering almost every business process for each employee, firm, or department.

Obviously, in every area of business, there is a set of necessary working tools both for employees and management. Some tools are designed to simplify and optimize workflows, and without some, they can’t be done at all.

It is known that the work of a lawyer requires systematic processing of procedures often related to working with documents, persistent time recordings, client project management, and more. The effective implementation of these processes, in fact, opens up great opportunities to contribute more time and energy to the creative part of the lawyer's work.

Customizable software solutions with a deep degree of work processes automation became a major need for legal professionals when they started looking for ways to implement their request into a working and usable system.

Soon it became clear that the creation of such a solution from scratch would have spent a lot of resources and time on development. On the other hand, existing low-code platforms, available on the market, although they can significantly optimize development, require from a client a deep immersion in the software architecture and impose certain restrictions with further scaling and product development.

What are these limitations? Modular components on low-code platforms limit the ability to customize applications and bind you to them as a provider. This, by the way, entails certain risks associated with the security and reliability of the storage of your data.


It was the architectural feature of Trood-powered products that made it possible to avoid limitations while maintaining the necessary functionality.

Pre-built business modules with programmed potential for seamless integrations and customization, in the same way as low-code solutions, significantly reduce development term, but also retain the ability to scale, customize and manage a product without the need to maintain a dedicated development team. This is exactly what Trood Legal needed.

Based on pre-built CRM, Documentation, Business Intelligence, Billing, and Smart HR modules, a ready-made solution was assembled in 6 weeks, additionally customized with specific features and ad-hoc mechanics.

Today Trood Legal continues its development and is recognized by both small and large law firms and departments.