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Emeetation is a new generation social media network for professional and social networking. It offers webinars, learning opportunities, connects individuals with mentors, industry experts and each other. Allowing for people to meet and connect online in the most natural way - through video communication and show-ups, short video introductions.

The initial goal of Emeetation was to create a complex platform, which included all the following features:

  • An algorithm that would recommend relevant people and activities to new users based on their activities, professional and social interests;
  • Live face-to-face group communication, that would facilitate real-life networking experience;
  • Live-streaming service with real-time comments sections and statistics;
  • User engagement video tool (Showup) with an audio/video recording, speech recognition and video reply functions;
  • A personal cabinet for mentors offering tools to keep track of and analyse their audience;
  • A personal cabinet for users, where they can keep track of all of their activity;

Emeetation's live streaming platform with statistics

Building such a complex infrastructure from scratch would take an enormous amount of time, require the hiring of multiple employees, potential costs notwithstanding.

To avoid such complications Emeetation used Trood's ready modules to build the infrastructure and facilitate real-time processing of multiple events. Employing CEP - Complex Event Processing module.

Allowing for live streaming, face-to-face communication, show-ups recording and onboarding of new users to happen simultaneously.

Emeetation used Trood's AI data collection and analysis patterns to match platform users based on their activities and audio processed speeches (key-word matching algorithm).

Building a working platform with relatively limited costs, allowed Emeetation to focus on customer development and promotion.

The platform has already attracted over 1000 users. Facilitated webinars with renowned mentors, recognised specialists in their fields, including Lisa Patti, Dmitri Boudrine, Sunil Thankamushy and many more. Building communities around them.

The current step of development is the creation of Emee App, which is also being fast-tracked with Trood.