Get your product done in weeks,
Trood Business/Development Manager
is a software product management platform,
aimed at business owners, product creators,
and industry visionaries.
No tech routines,
no code, no low-code,
no shitcode
only describe your vision,
and control the execution
Artificial Intelligence
enriched by tech&business
knowledge base
to arrange tech questions as you have an AI CTO
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The Community

AI-orchestrated human tasks for product and business development
  • 10x faster and cheaper
    Really. No 100-pages functional requirements and months of negotiations. Zero risk of loosing the-only-one-who-knew-how-it-works employee. Guided product and business development scenarios.
  • Best practices for corporations and startups
    Templates for in-house development, community-driven development, outsourcing, outstaffing, outperforming
  • Best people
    No need to go to San Francisco to meet some gentle people anymore
The Concept
AI CTO and AI Board of Directors from the creators of Trood Core,, Trood Tokenplace, and dozens of products in Trood Family
So you launch and change your product fast
So you don't depend on your tech team
So you get the support of a powerful community
And you get priceless best practices and technologies access
Free to start, lean to grow, boundless to scale