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IT product creation should never face substantial tech obstacles, preventing viable ideas to get abandoned or caught up in the wasteful use of resources.
Trood's Mission - is to provide powerful software creation technologies and make them as much accessible both for developers and product visionaries. We believe our ecosystem that unites low-code technological tool kit and structured best practices in business development fosters well-balanced and sustainable IT product creation for anyone determined to bring his or her idea to life.
The best specialists work with us to create the best software products and information systems.


Our friendly team of developers and managers at Trood is committed to creating new-level software that is designed to destroy or neutrilize artificial barriers between developers and business.
The core values of the Company include the principles of continuous development, equality, freedom, open competition and respect for the individual. We form a team of experts who strive to fully demonstrate their skills and abilities in simple implementation of complex corporate-level systems for clients of various industries and specializations. In our work we preach principles and corporate culture, based on objectivity, a clear vision of the goal and constant readiness to learn and develop.

We put the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers above the other interests of our shareholders and employees. Read more about Trood values & principles in our article:
Trood Values & Principles

Goals of the company

Market share gain
Currently, Trood Software Engine has the potential to become the only well-rounded idea-to-business ecosystem. We are aimed at popularising our low-code framework and structured business expertise among developers and business owners.
Platform for quality solutions
The main priorities of the Company include the development of a modern technological platform, which allows its partners and integrators around the world to efficiently develop and implement Trood products for the needs of each Client as efficiently as possible.
Providing optimal processes
The Trood company is actively working to document and transfer to the company's partners the best practices of business analysis, improvement and integration of Trood management systems in order to maximize the effectiveness of implementation projects for clients' companies.

Personal and professional growth
Each employee of the Company, regardless of his position, is obliged to develop in a professional direction, as well as nurture personal qualities necessary for work.

These qualities, regardless of their position, include working motivation, stress resistance, internal working capacity and discipline.
We create
We always apply the latest technologies providing the tools for creating world-class solutions.
We develop
We invest in learning, professional and personal development. Options for the best employees.

We live
We pay for sports, parties and trips to the American office.
Our Contacts
Feel free to write and call us.
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#224New York, NY 10272