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A visual framework that gives you:

⬛ automated cloud infrastructure deployment
⬛ automated REST API for each DataBase object
⬛ admin panel for managing all the system's services
⬛ open-source service integration capabilities
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Trood Core is a powerful
low-code backend framework + hosting

With our easy-to-master visual Enterprise Manager (EM) with ready-made backend framework and hosting, you avoid dealing with repetitive product development layers.
Introducing our advantages
Trood Core is easy to master
Trood Core is built with a focus on lean functionality and simple interfaces. It does not contain distracting features and does not overwhelm the user. Each step you make creating your product is being thoroughly documented and our team is always available via the embedded chat.
You can scale your app with no limits
We offer a cloud solution with scalable infrastructure. This means when it is time for your app (product) to grow, it can be happening seamlessly. Whether you intend to increase the number of users or expand your functionality, we can accommodate all quite easily.
All operations and changes to the database are smooth & safe
Trood Core is designed for users at a different level of tech skills This is why we have embedded safety mechanisms, so all your operations could run smoothly, and due to our safety protocols, the risk of losing or compromising your data is reduced to a bare minimum. You can always recover your work and cancel changes, going back a few steps as necessary.
You will need a minimum amount of resources to build an app
A minimum amount of resources is required to build a product. Even an employee with limited experience and qualifications can learn to work on Trood core and create a solution rather quickly. While an experienced developer can build the app in a record time. Potentially saving great amounts of time & money.
The roles you don't need to worry about anymore
Just one Trood Core developer is powered with everything that it takes to cover the job without doing the job of these professionals:
Business Planner
TC will suggest product or app structure based on your ideas, outlining all key and necessary features.

System Architect
As a next step, based on the business structure created, Trood will construct the best suited architecture, offering pre-assembled systems and services with ready APIs.
System Admin
All responsibilities of the system admin are taken care of.
From infrastructure for system deployment to automatically storing necessary information and history of operations.
Backend Developer
Trood Core helps in creation of business logic and automatically generates endpoints to the DBMS which avoids a lot of routine work.
Trood Core users say:
Angelina Usanina
Product lead
Trood Core has changed the way we think about product management and project structure. Now we have the opportunity to focus on business as well as creative side of the project. Put more resources into customer development, finding market fit and actually framing our ideas. We are able to built and present multiple versions of MVP without spending a dime on developers.

Sobir Abd
Freelance developer
Honestly, using Trood Core makes my life much easier. Now I can undertake projects I could never execute solo before. It has also opened me up to much more professional opportunities. Development takes much less time, so I can work on several apps simultaneously.
Alex Gor
Back-end developer
Trood Core is perfect for building tech products. First, I do not have to worry about junior employees compromising the data base or slowing down development process. Second, I know, once we recieve our next round of funding, we can easily expand our functionality and go head on increasing tracktion and attracting new users
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