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let your loyal customers invest in your business
secure or sell your digital assets - from NFT arts to code
the power of blockchain as
it initially designed to be:
enforce your business model with proven records of your activity
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Loyalty program
By developing a token, you can earn your specific benefits within the ecosystem. It can be either discounts or exclusive access.
Revenue-share tokens
Acquire partners in your revenue generating business.
Being a token holder can be an easy way to earn a passive income.
Trustworthy data storage
Storing assets on a blockchain is safer than relying on centralized systems. Since tokens are permanently stored on a blockchain, they're immutable and fully traceable, no matter how many times it has been exchanged or how old it is.
Access to your product
Since tokens themselves hold value, they also benefit from the network effect of one of the strongest networked products in human history: money. As early participants get tokens (in some cases tokens are simply airdropped to early participants before they make any contribution), they have a vested interest in promoting the product they invest in.
Instantly secure and/or sell your digital assets - from NFT arts to code.
Secure or sell digital assets

Some featured application cases

Blockchain was designed to empower any business with opportunities extending far beyond investment schemes. Trood Blockchain offers you to become blockchain-powered today.

How it works
To layout the project on the right basis and deploy optimal architecture from the very beginning - use our free configuration service.
Once you're done with configuration and hit the «submit» button, the system processes the data to construct your prototype. Through the user interface, you can adjust configuration, specify additional details, apply AI recommendations and launch the development, which is undertaken automatically.
You get your system delivered to you in weeks, instead of months, supported with all the necessary documentation and AI as if you had a very experienced business analyst in your team, and without any traditional low-code limitations that enable to add any user apps to the whole infrastructure in days or even hours.
This fully works on Trood ecosystem
Complete a 5 minutes onboarding process to describe your application case and tell a little bit about your business
You will see API key and a custom generated piece of code you'll be able to apply to your site or an app by yourself, or use Trood Contracts and let blockchain engineers to set everything up for you
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